DoDone Organization App: Time Management – Life Management!

Organization App DoDone: Busy working people need a way 
to remember and accomplish tasks in the fewest steps possible in order to save time and money. View Case Study

Forex Capital Markets Navigation Revamp

Forex Capital Markets Navigation Revamp: The website navigation system plays a crucial role in how efficient users are able to allocate the information and accomplish tasks using a website. Navigation Revamp

Navigation revamp

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The main goal is to provide a positive experience that will keep the user loyal to the product or brand. A meaningful user interface helps identify the customer journey to the product that contributes the most to business success. Executing all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to development.


Inspire and guide the team. Creatively convey ideas through text and images. Responsible for the stylistic look and concept of the creations. Maintaining brand consistency across all designs.


Organization, motivation, development and communication with team. Delegation and monitoring of team performance and quality. Ensuring all actions conform to required quality standards. Development and maintanance of an aesthetic environment that is conducive to creativity.

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